A very cute video by Eli Pariser

 I saw these guys at MoveOn a PILE of years ago at SXSW. They were a group of unknowns and just starting the organization. I stayed for their panel and I fell in love with them. So young, so intelligent,  such a relief. I felt like we would be ok at some point, these young people would take over and we would be ok.  Well, the days are here, finally....


Here's a link for their campaign to get 60 democrats seating PRETTY!!!!


Rafter Jump On, don't do it!

I want to post a word of caution about posting your work on RafterJumpOn unless you are prepared to share the rights to your work with them!

Their FAQ and Forum are misleading. They are clear and explicit about you keeping your rights to your work on the first round (see screen shoots taken today at bottom) but they don't follow through on their terms.

If you read their  Terms of Use carefully you'll see they are basically appropriating your rights. Yes, absolutely read the fine print!

Plainly, their terms of use are unacceptable, at least to me, and I think highly irregular in the industry for unpaid work. The norm would be to get a one time use for the site, some limited site promotion rights. You keep all rights beyond that. Period.

It didn't even occur to me they would go after your rights other than their website, but they try to take them just for "auditioning." I say "try" because it hopefully it wouldn't hold water anywhere, but in any case, don't do it.

My feeling is that these are some unexperienced publishers that may have just taken the terms of use from somewhere else and pasted them on their site. I sincerely hope it's not malicious intent. In either case, I would stay away. If you have posted, just request that they take it down immediately at these addresses asharpATriverjumpinDOTcom and questionsATrafterjumponDOTcom and state clearly their faq and forum comments by the editor are contradicting their terms of use by stating that in this first phase you get to keep all your rights. They need to change one or the other.

They accepted my request and deleted my work from their site. What unnecessary suffering because they actually have a nice idea if they could get their act together. Argh!


Bear with me

I've been seeing way to many squirrels and finding way too many feathers. I think the feathers have to do with my dad but I was clueless about the squirrels. The connection with the earth and winter and savings! is clear but way too literal for me!

I searched Google

and this book came first place with this quote

"the great master of the squirrels was glad, because his tribe had come to life again. Then the prince sang "Ia heiahaa. heia'aya negwa iaha" I become accustomed to this side. I become accustomed to the other side.

We as humans must become accustomed to this world and to the spiritual world if we are to live in harmony and balance.

Artists can play an important role by being able to see the unseen dictates of the spirit world and warn of impending disruption in harmony. The artist can create a witness to today and a window to the past for tomorrow."

Faces in the Forest By Michael D. Blackstock

Bush tries to redefine contraception as abortion

For real. This link takes you to the speaker of the house's site.

I remember when I was in my teens being expelled out of class for slamming ALL of my books against the floor (we had a lot of big heavy books at the catholic school) when the nun started the lecture by saying in a very loud voice: "SIns of the Twentieth Century... Number one, Contraception!: BAM went my books, "Vives, outside!"