barcelonaloca (barcelonaloca) wrote,

Code Pink

From their newsletter

In order for war to truly be over, of course, we need to engage in realdiplomacy, so Let's Talk! CODEPINK isdoing just that. Embracing Obama's desire to reach out to other nations, last week, our peace caravan delivered doves, apple pies, flowers and cards to the Washington, D.C. Embassies of Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia--five countries with which the Bush administration has had antagonistic relations. Our message was YES WE CAN Live in Peace.

This week, following up on our meeting with Iranian President Ahmedinajad in New York City in September, CODEPINK cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, together with Colonel Ann Wright, will be traveling to Iran to engage in further citizen diplomacy, meeting with officials and the people of Iran to make human connections that will help us stop the next war now.

I love this group!

Their pretend war is over demonstration.



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