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Barack Obama will be the 44th president of the US of A

This video has only two hundred, and some, views at the time of this entry, but I can guarantee you it will be one of the most watched youtube videos in record time. As corny as this may be and as corny as what I'm gonna say may sound, this is the America I will naturalize for.

I won't be bullied into naturalizing but I have been waiting for a decade and a half for the place to raise to its potential. Ever since I was a little girl, I had an affinity... it's a long story to tell now, but I loved the US, I loved Catalunya and I loved the the country of my mother, France, all at once. That said, I also don't believe in borders, but I do believe in potential and the expression of greatness. I believe the human heart is immense and can love many places and peoples at once, profoundly. I believe in more and not less. I believe in passion, not fanaticism. When you love someone, be a place or a person, all disappointments can evaporate in a matter of seconds, at times.

Here's my Obama story, (and many people have similar stories, I've read) about five years ago, I saw a small Barack Obama picture in the right column of a MoveOn newsletter, among many other news. I clicked on it and I read his entire speech. I don't remember which one it was, but I don't think it was the 2004 convention, it was just a great speech on some local matter, small news, nothing big.

I turned to MJ, excited about this guy, and said to him, this is the guy that should run for president! He read some of the article, liked him too but assured me that the US wasn't ready for a black president. "It won't happen, not now ." At the time, this opinion made a lot of sense, but for some reason, I just knew there was something about this guy, the speech was just SO intelligent and inspiring. I told MJ, it will happen, at some point, it will happen.

The next time I heard about Barack Obama was a couple years later, it was from a friend in the finance world, of all places, a good person in the world of finance, they exist, you know... He told me he had just met with a bunch of wealthy people that were all backing senator Obama. They'd had it with the current state of affairs... Yes, them too. I felt hopeful, it wasn't just students, artists, and progressives being fed up, it was more than that... So I went back to MJ and said to him that Barack Obama would be the next president. He just shook his head, he's way used to my ravings... but that he'd vote for him.

Fast forward one year and I join the campaign (volunteering from home) January he wins Iowa and now February it's going to see an explosion, people are coming out of the woodworks too vote for this guy. The press is turning around, they are finally reporting on this because now it's so huge. Barack Obama will be the 44th president of the United States of America.

Now, maybe Obama is just another politician, maybe I'm just making an ass of myself, it could be, maybe he really doesn't believe in his message and he's playing us all like a guitar... it could be... and besides, he's way too conservative for me:-)

But here's the thing, this is not about him, it's about all of us. The America that believes it can do wonderful, kind, and great things... this America exists too. To me, these people are for real and I love them all. I even love the fearful people that have made the hopeful people come out in this way, because without them we would all be still at home, doing nothing about it.

I want peace. I'm willing to work hard for it; behind this man, Barack Obama, there are millions of folks, willing to do just that. See, even if he's not for real, he's stuck with us now!

Check out Obama's website and donate, if you can. Volunteer, it's super easy with the tools they give you ate the website.

I had no clue this could happen this soon. Does that mean I can stop bitching, now? !!!!! I need to! I'm knee-deep working on American Ice, so I hope my posts will be on that from now on...

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